Welcome to our cozy 2D motion design studio based in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine! Since our start in 2017, we've enjoyed bringing over 300 animation projects to life. Collaborating with more than 50 fantastic clients, our reach extends across the USA and Europe.
We've crafted captivating animations for the medical field, international organizations, book trailers, and lyric videos. However, we're always excited about new horizons and open to exploring animations for other fields. Your story is our canvas; we're here to make it come to life.
Let's embark on a creative journey together!  Feel free to reach out if you have a project or collaboration in mind!
Lena Ushakova
CEO, Creative Director, 2D Motion Designer
Lena is like a time-traveling wizard in the world of animation history. When she's not conjuring motion design magic, you'll find her strolling through cemeteries. She's also a virtuoso in the art of vintage restoration, infusing old treasures with a new lease on life. With the finesse of a design sorceress, she transforms the past into a visually captivating present.
Tanya Kartashova
CEO, Project Manager, 2D Motion Designer
Tanya is like a one-woman fiesta! When she's not rocking it at raves or grooving to techno beats, you might catch her perfecting reggaeton dance moves. And in her downtime, she's not just a fashionista crafting stylish vests for her feline companion. To add a touch of ¡olé!, she's also head over heels in love with the Spanish language. ¡Viva la manager!
Ira Tsiupa
2D Graphic Designer, Illustrator
Ira is a cinematic Sherlock, decoding light and shadows. A linguistic maestro, collecting languages like treasures. Animals flock to her, drawn by her enchanting charisma. Beyond her love for baking, she's a nature nomad seeking inspiration outdoors. It's like she's on a quest to blend the brilliance of cinematography, the charm of languages, the joy of literature, the magic of the animal kingdom, and the sweetness of baking into a life masterpiece.
Dima Dziuba
2D Graphic Designer, Illustrator
Dima is our creative maestro! He's a wizard with posters and book/movie covers, turning sketches into visual masterpieces. On weekends, he transforms into a vintage book hunter at flea markets, unearthing treasures in the form of Ukrainian classics. As a Metallica fan, he cranks up the volume of life. Not just a creative mind, he's also a sports aficionado, cheering with an unmatched passion for football, hockey, basketball, and the finesse of handball.
Sergiy Fedoseev
Sound Designer
Sergiy is the hardcore maestro, spinning beats that could wake the neighbors. When he's not immersed in sonic adventures, you'll find him assembling a philatelic collection and a trove of vinyl treasures. Beyond the sound waves, he's a cat commander, engaging in epic computer game battles with his feline companion. Talk about turning everyday life into a rockin' symphony!
Ruslan Klepach
2D Motion Designer
Ruslan is the ultimate multitasker! When he's not jet-setting around with his family or diving into the depths of a good book, you'll catch him unraveling the mysteries of esoterica. In between conquering computer game quests, he's the reigning champion in epic playtime sessions with his son. And if that's not enough, he's a car enthusiast with a sweet tooth for chocolate and a genuine passion for motion design.
Our wins
The project manager of the studio, Tetiana Kartashova, took part in the Creative Practice Marathon and delved into the intricacies of managing animation projects amidst the challenges of the ongoing war. 
The creative director of the studio, Olena Ushakova, took part in the Creative Practice Marathon and told in detail about the fascinating history of Ukrainian motion design, revealing its formats and techniques inherent in Ukrainian animation of different eras.
In 2020, our poster was included in the top ten best works of the world on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the UN
The article about our Peace poster was published in one of the most prominent Ukrainian creative online publications Telegraf.Design
Aztec Animation Studio emerged as the winner of the OPEN-CALL 2021 in the Digital/Animated Collage category at RA Gallery
Aztec Animation Studio won a place in the Animator 2022 festival's project competition - Animators with Ukraine
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